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Welcome to BodyFlo

We're all about revolutionizing the way we move and recover. Inspired by personal journeys with injury, we've created ice baths that harness the power of cold therapy. Our mission? To empower everyone to take control of their recovery, whether they're athletes or just staying active. With easy-to-use solutions, we're here to boost well-being and performance for all. Join us in making movement accessible to everyone.

Unlock Your BodyFlo

Our unique Recovery tools and training equipment allow you to move better within your body.

Feel Better

Using our Ice Pods helps create balance and increase of serotonin and norepinephrine levels for an uplifted mental state and energy.

Recover Faster

faster recovery allowing you to get back to doing what you love sooner.


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Join over 250+ Aussies and support our mission

BodyFlo™ recovery products and training equipment is designed to enhance performance, reduce injury risk, and promote overall well-being, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals efficiently.