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BodyFlo™ Toe correctors

BodyFlo™ Toe correctors

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Increase balance

Restore natural foot posture

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Tired of foot pain and poor balance affecting your performance? Join over 5,000 Aussies and upgrade your foot health with our BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers!

Simply wear our Toe Correctors for a few minutes daily to increase balance, reduce injury risk, and restore natural foot function. Experience the ultimate in comfort with our ergonomic design and durable material. Plus, take advantage of our special offer – FREE shipping plus a 100-day risk-free trial when you order today!

Here's why you'll love our BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers:

👣 Increased Balance: Our toe spacers improve alignment and stability, helping you achieve better balance during all your activities.

🦶 Reduced Injury Risk: By promoting proper toe separation, our spacers help prevent common foot injuries and reduce strain on your feet.

🔄 Restore Natural Foot Function: Experience the benefits of restored natural foot function, allowing your feet to move and perform as they were meant to.

✅ Comfortable and Durable: Designed for everyday use, our toe spacers are made from high-quality materials that provide comfort and longevity.

📦 🇦🇺 Shipped from Melbourne: Enjoy fast and free delivery straight from Melbourne, ensuring you receive your Toe Spacers promptly for immediate foot health benefits.

🎉 100-day risk-free trial: Try our Toe Spacers worry-free and return if not fully satisfied within 100 days for a full refund, no questions asked.

You'll love training with our Toe Correctors becasue...

Increase Balance

Reduce Injury Risk


Not feeling the benefits? Return the Toe Corrector within 100 days for a full refund.

Have questions?

How do I use the Toe Correctors

To use our BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers, start by ensuring your feet are clean and dry. Gently insert the spacers between your toes, beginning with the big toe. Wear them for 10-15 minutes each day, gradually increasing the duration as your comfort improves. For best results, use them consistently during relaxation, yoga, or walking, and combine with foot exercises to enhance benefits. If you experience discomfort, reduce usage time and build up gradually.

How often should I wear Toe Correctors?

For optimal results, start by wearing the BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers for 10-15 minutes each day. As your ability increases, gradually extend the duration and add functional exercises. Ideally, aim to wear them daily to consistently improve balance, reduce injury risk, and restore natural foot function.

Will they fit me?

our BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers are designed to fit most foot sizes comfortably. They are made from a flexible, durable material that adapts to the shape of your feet. If you have any concerns about fit, please contact our customer service team for assistance.

Can I wear the toe correctors with shoes?

Yes, you can wear BodyFlo™ Toe Spacers with most wide-toe shoes. However, for the best Results, we recommend wearing them with roomy footwear like sandals or barefoot shoes. If you experience any discomfort, try wearing them without shoes while relaxing at home.

Where are the Toe Correctors shipped from?

All of our BodyFlo™ Toe Correctors are sent from our warehouse in Melbourne, Victoria. All orders are dispatched within 24 hours of you placing your order, and come with free delivery to all metro areas, Australia wide.

Loved by over 100 Aussies!